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Fashion in Detritus - Fashion Designers
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Featured Artists

Eddie Talmadge

A performance artist as well as sculpture and painter with a flair for the unusual. Currently in school for his BFA in sculpture soon to be followed by a masters degree in exercise science. He is a spank candy alumni, and currently in cahoots with Perforated Productions, The Hot Tail Hunny’s (as the hairiest Honey), and the I.C.U. AKA (the incandescent circlists union). he is also slaving away working for the man at Jimmy johns with the hope of one day opening his own gym and creating art.

Elizabeth Stayer

I’m a portrait photographer who finds that my style of photography usually only fits a small niche of society. I realize there isn’t much demand for photographs like mine, however this is how I prefer to express my creativity. I like to collaborate with and shoot alternative models. My works are deemed “overly sensational” from those who do not understand. Au contraire, they aren’t sensational enough!!

Gerald Righter

Gerald is a 4th grader at Mary Our Queen School in Omaha. He has been a student of Lisa Hammond’s at Lisa’s Art Studio in Millard for 3 years. Gerald enjoys the creativity of art and particularly enjoys glass fusing. He also enjoys reading and is a Cub Scout.

Jen Baye

Jen is descended from a long line of Muppet jewelry makers. She holds a BA in Film Studies and Theatre Technical Design and is currently working on her Masters in Education. One of her prized possessions is a hat that says, “I was green before green was cool.” She has used this motto in her life and in her art, from her found treasures for her jewelry to vermicomposting. She recently opened her Etsy store “Daughter of the Glade” to promote her endeavors and take on commission pieces to challenge and expand her portfolio.

Lori A. Livingston-Hubbell

Born and raised in the benson neighborhood of Omaha Nebraska, the child of a housewife mother and exhibit production manager/artist father. Lori graduated from Benson high school and studied fine art at the university of Nebraska at Omaha and graphic art and illustration at the studio academy of art and design. Her recycled art is comprised of found and discarded objects, jewelry components, wood, gold leaf and old law books. Her love of junk collecting came as a result of living with her grandmother who never threw anything away as a result of living through the Great Depression. She has shown and sold her work internationally and had her own line of custom painted furniture when she lived in England. She also makes jewelry and wine. Professionally she is a certified phlebotomist and real estate agent.

Robin Hopkins

Robin Hopkins was born and raised in Earling, Iowa where art has always been a part of her life. Taking inspiration from everything around her and expressing her view of the world through multi-media art, which often includes mixing wet and dry mediums with digital and physical objects. Robin has Bachelor’s in Studio Art from UNO. an Associate’s in Graphic Design from Vatterott and a Certificate in Photography from Metropolitan Community College. She is currently working on incorporating fashion with art in a variety of ways. Utilizing the attitude of fashion and fashion models to inspire a creation that defines that attitude. Currently residing in Bennignton, Nebraska, Robin spends most of her free time immersing herself in her art and the local art world available to her here in Omaha.

Brandi Bentley

Brandi Bentley is a cosmetologist by day and a photographer/painter by night. Who likes to express individuality through different forms of art, working with mixed meda,acrylics, and photography. She will not conform to a particular style of art. She feels as though each image should be as individual at the subject.

Tyler Christian

I always tried to look for and glorify the “darker” side of everything that people see rather than focusing on the positive more “light” side. In my work I tend to exaggerate physical features and distort the object rather than focusing on the literal view of my subject. I have been involved in the arts ever since I can remember and I have grown quite a bit artistically, learning from various teachers and critics, and I plan on continuing to grow as long as I am capable to do so.

Julia D. Kappenman

Julia graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. Her work primarily consists of calligraphy and illumination, landscapes, portraits, figure study, still life, abstracts and non objective paintings. She works in the following mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor/guache, air brush/spray can, charcoal, pastels, and pencil. She currently works for Allstate in the licensing department and paints on the side. She also love sewing modern and period clothes, costumes, and has assisted in a few theatrical productions in the wardrobe dept.

Lydia Joy Burgdorf “Dan’s Mom”

Dan’s Mom is the mother of three teenagers who are all high achievers in vastly different ways. Dan’s Mom has been creating with her hands for 4 decades usually with fibers and threads but has been known to dapple in other media. A lot of my work is about taking something mundane and decorating it for the sake of the decoration in a planned and controlled way. My most recent set of projects has involved knitting because knitting can be very portable. I knit while the kids have rehearsals and lessons. I knit over my lunch hour. I knit while I game. (Just finished a dice bag with an entrelac pattern knitted in the round!) Right now I have five or more different projects on knitting needles including afghans, socks and scarves.

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